• Keep your bracelets dry. Your gemstone jewelry is not meant to be worn in the water. Minerals and chlorine added to the water can harm the stones and the metals. If you accidently wear your bracelets while your hands are submerged in the water, make sure to dry them off. Don't wear your bracelets while swimming. 

      • Your bracelet is meant for everyday wear. However, to avoid scratching the stones on your bracelet or overly stretching the cord we recommend that you take off your bracelet before working out or doing anything really active.

      • Protect your bracelets from harsh chemicals. If you are cleaning with any household cleaners, take off your bracelet until you are done. Take off your bracelet also before putting lotion, creams, or oil on your skin. Oil can cause build up and discoloration between the beads and any metal components.



      • If you see any discoloration or build up on your beads it is time to clean them.

      • To clean your bracelets, scrub your jewelry gently with a soft cloth and a tiny amount of a mild soap, wash under warm water, and dry gently with a dry soft cloth.

      • Polish the brass tag, sterling silver, and gold plated beads with a clean soft cloth.



Natural gemstones and crystals absorb your negative energy and the energies surrounding them. Therefore, it is important that you cleanse your jewelry on a regular basis. There are different ways to do this and they all work well.

Here are three simple ways we cleanse the bracelets before we ship them out to you and you can use the same methods at home:

    • Moonlight. Leave your jewelry under the (full moon) moonlight for about 6 hours. Ideally leave them on earth or a natural surface where they can be grounded.

    • Smudging. You can also use the smoke of white sage to cleanse your bracelets from any negative or stagnate energy.

    • Selenite Crystal. If you have a selenite slab at home or any large crystal cluster, you can lay your bracelet on top to cleanse it. Selenite has the ability to eliminate negative and stagnant energy and to act as an amplifier of the energy of the other crystals.

    • Try to store your bracelets separately so it doesn't scratch other jewelry.
    • Bracelet should only be put on after washing and applying any makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions or perfume.
    • Try to protect your Bracelet from harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight. . 
    • You should not wear bracelet while doing household or outdoor chores.*Avoid contact with water.
    • You should never wear your gemstone bracelet when swimming or showering. The chlorine can cause damage to various gemstones and gold.
    • Store your gemstone bracelet in a clean, dry place.