Lava rock bracelet


8mm Lava Rock Bracelet comes in 3 different Sizes to fit all wrists.

it Comes in a gift box and guide card which produced and supplied  in Los Angeles ,


  • Lava Rock Physical Benefits:


One of the main benefits attributed to black lava beads is the ability to relieve anxiety and manage stress. This grounding stone is a great companion in times of change, strengthening your connection to the earth and encouraging you to be in the present moment. These qualities make them ideal rocks for those who are seeking greater mental well-being. 


  • Lava Rock Emotional Benefits:

If you're going through a painful or sensitive time, hold on to your lava bracelet. It’s believed that wearing these dark-colored stones can provide guidance and understanding in troublesome situations, giving you courage, strength, and stability. Their soothing vibrations might be especially beneficial to calm anger and encourage positive changes in behavior.

It can also encourage those who have gone through disappointment or grief, and give a little boost to help you bounce back. Its intense but calming energy can support emotional balance, reduce negativity, and encourage you to shed layers of emotional attachments that no longer serve you.

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Our products made with Grade A+ authentic gemstone Designed & Made In USA

Package included:

- High quality Genuine Gemstones
- Packaged with bracelet description card
- Stretch bracelet with quality elastic cord
- Made with pure positive energy


Size Chart:

S: 6.5 Inches= 16.50 cm (Small Wrist)

M:7.0 Inches= 17.80 cm (Average Wrist)

L: 8.0 Inches= 20.30 cm (Large Wrist)